The Sneaky Chef

Sometimes cooking healthy requires a certain amount of sneakiness.

I love to tinker with recipes and recently, I turned my attention to my favorite Buffalo chicken wing recipe. I wanted to reduce some of the fat by omitting butter from the list of ingredients. My Internet searches pointed to avocado as the magic substitute. And I loooove avocados.

However, I don’t cook for just myself. And my husband hates avocados. Never eats them; he won’t so much as dip a tortilla crumb in guacamole. His aversion put me in a bind.

Deception became my only option.

Follow me as I flash back to February and Super Bowl Sunday. Alone in my kitchen prepping our food spread, I tied on my sneaky chef’s mask along with my apron and substituted a tablespoon of EVOO and half of a very ripe avocado for the butter. As my guy and I watched the game, I must have asked him at least five times what he thought of the wings.

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The finished dish served with celery.

“They’re delicious,” Hubby said each time. And my guy knows spicy wings. He went to college in upstate New York, where Buffalo wings are a student-diet staple.

Of course, he didn’t know that the wing sauce he was enjoying contained avocado and olive oil instead of butter.

In March, I needed to fine-tune the recipe. I made the new-and-improved wing recipe again for dinner. “These are the best wings you’ve ever made,” my husband said while taking a second helping.

After the dinner plates were cleared and in the dishwasher, I came clean.

Surprise rounded Hubby’s blue eyes. “But I hate avocado.”

“But you liked the wings, right?”

“They were delicious.”

“Did you taste any difference from when I made them before?”

“Not at all.”

“I guess you don’t hate avocado as much as you thought.”

“I guess I don’t.” He laughed. “That’s pretty funny.”

As you can see Hubby has smart taste buds and a sense of humor.

Sharon’s Recipe Note: Before swapping avocado and EVOO for butter, I’d already tinkered with this recipe by cutting the amount of butter and the amount of Frank’s RedHot in half. I also prefer to use Ranch dressing packets instead of Italian dressing packets. Below is a picture of the ingredients without the wings. 

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  1. Mary Susan Klein on

    I, too, am a late comer to the joy of avocados. Would not touch them until about five years ago. Love them! So there is hope for Hubby yet! Love to read your stuff….keep it coming!


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