My Newest Essay on Better After 50

Last week one of my favorite websites, Better After 50, published a new essay of mine and the response has been incredible. The piece was titled “How I Learned to Love My Derriere” and was about when a stranger shouted an ugly insult at me. I wrote the essay hours after the incident and because it was so personal it took me a while to gather the courage to send the piece out for publication.

Since publication, it’s been amazing for me to see reader comments and responses on social media. On Better After 50’s Instagram they featured a photo with a quote from the piece. The comments area is filled with women proudly announcing their age and how they love their butts, too! These self-love shout-outs made my day.

As one reader stated, “You beautifully pointed out that who we really are [is] so much more than what [our] physical appearance portrays.” I love that comment with all the emoji hearts in the world.

Here are a few more of the article’s comments from Facebook, Instagram, and Better After 50:

“…humorous essay about what could have been an emotionally scarring experience. You’ve lived long enough to recognize that there are people out there who have a need to hurt others. To take your experience and glean a rich life lesson from it is a gift for us all.”


“Thanks for the self-esteem boost we all need sometimes.”


 “Your butt has been through the ringer called life. The […] man in the truck has no idea the stories your butt has to tell.”


“Isn’t the world a weird place? Here I was tonight, wandering around the internet, feeling a bit low and looking for someone to make me feel better about being 55, and I found you. If that wanker hadn’t tossed out that insult you wouldn’t have reflected the way you did, and then shared your insights and wisdom with the rest of us, making us feel better in the process….”


I want to sent out a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who read, commented and shared “How I Learned to Love My Derriere”.



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